Our Philosophy

cwc-logo-graphicOur Philosophy

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I AM HERE TO TEACH AND GUIDE YOU. I focus on preventable disease like obesity, diabetes, stroke, vascular disease, heart attacks, and more….and all those risk factors that lead up to these diseases.

I am a family medicine physician who loves children, nutrition, and preventative health. I believe food is medicine, for the body and soul. I believe in the osteopathic principles, particularly that the body heals itself. Via osteopathic manipulation, Reiki, massage, acupuncture, reflexology, exercise, yoga, tai chi, and more…along with good diet and motivation (although we are ALL HUMAN) we can have EXCELLENT health. Food, herbs, vitamins, AND traditional MEDICATIONS are/can be apart of health, depending on your personal health plan and goals. I endorse that health is influenced by spiritual, religious, and mental health.  All while keeping in mind that this information needs to be simplified because we all are busy, juggling, running…yet trying to achieve balance.

self-Dr. Chandler

cwc-logo-graphicAbout Chandler Wellness Care

We are a hybrid direct primary care practice. This means we take mainly direct payment from our patients and a little insurance. We hold our practice very high; incorporating elements of functional and lifestyle medicine, we use integrative medicine at its core – and that takes time. We want to give you that time, and that means freedom from the red tape that is our current health care system.

**We also offer plant based consultations.

4 Tenants of Our Practice

Local Owned, Local Grown: Healthcare Stewardship & Mentorship: Community Service: “We are human!”
The majority of our partnerships are folks that live within neighboring towns, if not, within the Delaware Valley. We believe that the children that come behind us have an important stake in life and the future of healthcare. We want to take them by the hand and led them by example. CWC seeks to bring a community feel to its practice. By doing so, we vow to give back; creating activities and events where patients can participate and get involved in local causes. We must respect each other and realize that we are humans trying to build a relationship. WE have faults. No one here is perfect. We learn, respect, and grow!

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