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Personalized, YOU-Centered Medicine Focused on Wellness and Prevention

 Dr. Chandler’s

 Lifestyle Medicine & Family Practice

is a direct primary care practice.

As a member, you receive:

Access to a provider 24/7, 365 days a year
After-hours medication prescribing
Assistance with medical needs when traveling
House calls when you’re too ill to come in*
Labs drawn in-house * Medications on site
Minimal waiting
Patient Portal
Same day, next day visits for urgent care
Tele-medicine visits (Virtual Visits)
Access via email, text, and phone
30-60 minute visits
Doctor ratio of 1:500 active patients (typical is >1500)
Specialized Lab Services: Micronutrient testing, allergy testing, Heart Disease evaluation, Glucose Intolerance evaluation, and more**
Procedures: cryotherapy, EKG, spirometry, lesion removal, laceration repair

Direct Pay  – This means we take payment directly from you to allow for the best care.  If I spend my time with you and not with the insurance company, you get the best clinical care. For a monthly fee (less than your average cell phone bill), you have access to the above services.

 If you want to access our direct pay plans and you are…

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25 A Tanner Street Haddonfield, NJ 08033 P 856.874.8194 F 856.210.7068

*Local to Haddonfield (generally, within 5-10 miles)

**Additional fee, per lab.