Change is tough…

Change is tough. There is a lot of change recently. Some good. Some not so good. All of it is hard.

I really like seeing patients. I believe in a Higher power, and I think he gave me a gift. I thrive off prevention of disease (and I really like teens too). When you all come in and we talk about diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol and what to do about it, I get all bubbly inside….that may seem boring to some. For me it is taking the everyday problem that patient’s think is inevitable and completely change your way of thinking. I open you up to another world. The world of self-treatment and self-prevention. When you can undo disease with your own doing. I just provide the education, but change is tough…

The platinum wellness program address that difficulty. We know you need to make that change. So we tell you how, we teach you, we show you, we remind you, and do it over and over again for almost 4 months. And just when you think you are on your own, you keep all of those resources at the end.

We teach you how to shop, cook, and eat the right food to prevent and cure cardiovascular disease. We use technology, group visits, and doctor visits to support. We show you how to deal with stress, how to exercise, and the right people to do it with.

I hope we get through this change together. This very personal journey of owning a practice, being a mother to three, being a physician, wife, daughter, sister…and all that it brings – I think they call it “life.”

medicine-thermometer-tablets-pills-medium (3) Change this to …veggies capres onions carrots turnips

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