What WE DO…

What Services DO We Offer?

We DO women and children – family medicine. Our approach is focused on integrative approach. Food and nutrition is our primary medicine. We start there. And that means lots of help, advice, and local resources for breastfeeding.

We DO have plans for all ages. Office visits will NOT be rushed. Most office visits are about half hour long (unless you want it to be quicker). We DO have a simple fee schedule. We DO accept some insurance – Aetna, Cigna, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield PPOs.

We DO small on purpose. We are a small office, so you can be comfortable.

We DO vaccines are a little different. We DO make an agreement because we order the vaccinations just for you. We DO NOT mind an altered vaccinated schedule or changes. We DO accept unvaccinated children. Because the office is small, we DO NOT have a risk and exposure to other children.

We DO home visits. Home visits are available local and near to the office, listed on the website. In a 20 mile radius, we will perform newborn exams for home delivered or birth center babies. (Hearing and labs must be completed by OB.)

We DO child nutrition. If your child or teen is struggling with poor food choices, overweight, or obese; we can help you.

dr-chandler-2And finally, we DO look forward to seeing you.

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