No place for Self-Doubt. Walk It out!

This month is about my personal experience with my weight loss and how you all help me regularly.  To start, my main emphasis is that no one is perfect.  We have genetic, social, mental and physical idiosyncrasies that make us unique. As I embark on my last pounds to lose (about 20 – 25), I have struggled mentally. You know the last pounds are the hardest.  We doubt our ability. I have not been my own cheerleader. New business. Three children. Husband. Daughter. Still not the best sister, aunt, or granddaughter I could be. And don’t I need to go to my place of worship more??? And my patients need me more services, I think???? We need growth. Give….Give…… (you know the routine)

Walk This Way!

From my highest weight, I am approximately 55 pounds lighter.  Diagnosed with gestational diabetes was an eye opener back then.  Changes in life and medical school allowed me to pack on 25 pounds without thinking. The rest were a blur. No change in eating, less activity, but back then medical school was everything. So here I am 6 years later and 55 pounds later and doubting myself.  I started this walking group for people like myself needing accountability. So each week, I will be out there (unless it’s pouring or lightning). I will be walking with my baby girls more… to school, to the park. If you see me, give me a high five. I need it too! One exercise video at a time, one step at a time, one less Starbucks, one more Animo…at at time.  Let’s high five each other. There is no place for self-doubt. Shake it off and walk it out! Join me for a walk.

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