Heart Health Begins With You. Small Steps to Take NOW!

February is African American History Month and Heart Health Month…which is perfect.

Blacks and heart disease go hand in hand. Historically it is the leading cause of death for this population. Especially women. Diabesity and STRESS are major factors. Strong family histories of high blood pressure continue on, afflicting generations to come. More than ever. We may not out live this previous generation.

So what to do? Let’s get to it! It affects everyone.

1. Mind body connection. We have got to get on this and make this our number one priority. If it’s yoga, Tai chi, self awareness, meditation, religious activities, or sitting and looking out the window; I’m for it. Our brains need to rest. We have to demand time for ourselves. Ask for help.

2. The food. As a whole –  refined sugar, carbs, soda, crazy high buttery and salty foods have got to go.  Ask for help.

3. Get moving. Do a little dance, make a little….put the KC and the Sunshine Band back in your life. Dance, be silly, walk, run, roll, laugh…they all burn calories. Walk more with errands. Play a little harder with your babies. It all counts.

4. Treat your disease. I am a family doctor and it’s common for me to see patients after years of ignoring diagnoses and symptoms. We love you and ask for help.

There are so many more things that can help heart health. Contact me or another medical professional if you want to learn more. I left a gift (the url for some heart facts).


Visit www.chandlerwellnesscare.com or call 856-874-8194. You can schedule online. Some insurances accepted.

Please note if your symptoms are severe or you feel you need to be evaluated by a health care provider, please do so. This is a not a substitute for medical care and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or heal any disease. If an emergency, call 911 or go to the emergency department.

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