FLU Be GONE: Natural Alternative Remedies for flu like symptoms

Flu and flu-like viruses have pounded us this season, and the CDC agrees. It’s even hit my family hard.

High fevers, chills, headache and body aches, nasal and sinus congestion, sore throat, cough, OH MY!

The works!

1. Umcka (pelargonium)decreases sore throat, cough, and respiratory tract symptoms,

shortens duration of symptoms

2. Zinc spray or lozenges – help fight viruses, decreases duration of symptoms when used at the onset

3. Oscillococcinum helps to relieve flu like symptoms, especially body aches

4. Thieves (or similar) Oil blend – helps cough, congestion, and opens the sinuses

5. Nasal sprays – saline, xylitol, eucalyptus, capsaicin, or blends to help with congestion

6. Foods

  • Cold: pineapple (juice or fruit) and honey – cough and sore throat
  • Hot: Chicken broth, bone broth, miso soup, and multiple teas

7. Sleep, Rest, and Lots of fluids

CWC select pic 1

If you have symptoms and need to be evaluated, visit www.chandlerwellnesscare.com or call 856-874-8194 for same or next day appointments. You can schedule online. Flu and pneumonia vaccinations are available. Vitamin injections are available. Some insurances accepted.

Breastfeeding moms, please talk to your doctor or herbal practitioner about these medications before taking them. Please continue to breastfeed when you have a viral infection, but drink lots of water!

Please note if your symptoms are severe or you feel you need to be evaluated by a health care provider, please do so. This is a not a substitute for medical care and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or heal any disease. If an emergency, call 911 or go to the emergency department.

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